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_Creation_ (Mixed Media 30x40)

Creation (Mixed Media 30x40)

 Spinning Planets  (Mixed Media 22x28)

Soul's Release (Mixed Media 11x14)

Heading 2

Floral Whimsy (Mixed Media 24x30)

Palm Trees Waiting (Mixed Media 11x14)

Morning Has Broken (Watercolor 7x3.5 inc

Morning Has Broken (Watercolor 7x3.5)

A Rose Is a Rose (Watercolor 18x24)

Purple Mountain Majesty (Watercolor 9x12)

Scenic View (Watercolor 4x7)

Roaring Sea (Watercolor 6x9)

The Mountains and Hills Sing

The Mountains and Hills Sing  (Paint Pouring 8x10)

Tide Rushes In

The Tide Rushes  (Paint Pouring 20x20)

Spinning Planets (Mixed Media 22x28)

Everything's Coming Up Roses (Paint Pouring 30x30)

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